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Organic Wool Throw Pillow Inserts & Organic Cotton Bolsters

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Throw pillows are a must in any play room--they serve as floor cushions, make cozy impromptu reading corners and prop up forts. 

Soaring Heart's Organic Wool Throw Pillows and Organic Cotton Bolster Pillows are made from the highest quality, locally sourced materials available. Each pillow is handmade to insure superior craftsmanship, unequaled comfort, and longevity. 

We only use premium organic wool batting, a blend of sheep wool gathered from small family farms in New Zealand. Wool is not only healthier than polyfills, but it is also springier and longer lasting, giving you a comfortable and plush pillow for many years. 

The organic cotton used in our Organic Cotton Bolsters is 100% supplied by the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative, a small organic cotton coop out of Texas. We use only 100% USDA certified organic long fiber cotton, which makes a longer lasting and finer product.

Organic cotton covers must be ordered separately. Available sizes: Extra Large (30x30), Large (24x24), Medium (20x20) and Bolster (8x22). The extra large inserts fit most standard Euro shams, the larges are for 22" covers and the mediums for 18".