Puppi Merino Wool SIO System Diaper Cover - One Size (13lbs - 33lbs)

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The wool cover is sewn from 100% fine merino wool - the finest sheep's wool that is ideal for baby products. Wool cover is an outer part of a cloth diaper which is supposed to keep the moisture of absorbent insert inside the diaper.

When it's time to change the baby's nappy - we change the absorbent insert inside the diaper (or the fitted diaper), and we hang the wool cover for airing. It will be ready to use at the next diaper change.

Well- thought cut allows proper airflow in the diaper, and ensures that our wool cover will fit on any absorbent insert.

Puppi one-size diaper covers are made of two layers of extremely soft and thin wool. Colorful snaps and decorative stitching make this diaper a conversation piece. The leg elastics are soft yet very stretchy, which allows for a trim fit on virtually every child. Once lanolised, these covers hold moisture very effectively. Wool is an extremely versatile fabric for cloth diapering- it is breathable, temperature regulating (perfect for both cold and hot days), soft, and naturally antibacterial. Lanolin breaks down urine into salts and water, so it does not need to be washed as often as PUL diapers. Simply hang to dry between uses. However, a special washing and re-lanolising procedure is necessary on wash day.

We especially recommend PUPPI absorbent inserts for Puppi wool covers, but they can also be used with any absorbent inserts, cotton or flannel flat diapers and prefolds. For a baby up to 8 kg One Size wool covers will also fit PUPPI fitted diaper or any other fitteds with a similar, narrow crotch cut.

You may find that these covers look small when they arrive. But, fully stretched, they are the size as any other One Size cloth diaper. They are fairly narrow, so those who require many layers for night time may find that these are not the best night solution for them. If that is the case, the One Size Plus Puppi covers offer more width.

When it's a good idea to choose a SIO wool cover?

A SIO wool cover will be an ideal choice if:

  •     milk poops happen to your baby infrequently or not at all
  •     your baby is a small, running away "octopus" and it is difficult to change the nappy, and you are looking for a solution to do it efficiently and without fuss
  •     you want to use SIO inserts in your wool cover

Most babies need no more than 4 or 5 diaper covers.

- 100% merino wool
- Wool produced and sewn in Poland
- Our wool is prooved to be mulesing free
- Handmade
- 6-15kg
- Requires lanolin

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