Puppi Fitted Merino Wool Covers

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Mandi S.
Beautiful wool

We are loving our OS+ Puppi! It’s so much cozier than our PUL covers, and much trimmer than our other woolies. Fits lovely under regular toddler pants. My only complaint is the interior tag placement, but that’s minor. My toddler is 18 months and 31 pounds for reference. OS+ fits great with a little growing room in the waist.


Super fast delivery! Love these covers

Kaileen Folkes
Love them!

I love these wool diaper covers! Love that they are trim enough to fit under his clothes, but still prevent leaks! Even with a soaked diaper, the cover has only wet through once, and it was just barely damp on the outside, his clothes weren’t even wet (and diaper soaked just because i went too long without changing it 😅). Currently using the one size, my baby is 16 lbs and using with one rise snap fastened and with the waist on the second smallest setting. Using with a Green Mountain Diapers muslin flat in origami fold. I don’t think he would make it to the suggested 33 lbs in the one size, maybe if you were using the snap in one trim inserts that Puppi sells it could work. But will just graduate to the plus size when he outgrows the one size.

And awesome customer service from Jen, she is so sweet 😊

Pleasantly surprised!

I was confused about how a fabric cover could protect against a soaked diaper insert. I thought the moisture would just soak through the cover. However, as described, the Puppi cover provides excellent protection.

The best surprise was how much better it is at handling leaks around the legs than synthetic fabric covers. The wool soaks up the moisture which contains the mess rather than having it squeeze out.

I was also intimiated by the lanolization process and general care. However, washing the cover and lanolizing it were very easy. I love that you really only need to wash these when poop gets on them. I also love the very chic designs and colors offered.

Lightweight cover

I really like this cover. It's lightweight and perfect for daytime. The sizing is great and very adjustable with the center snaps.