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Babies love snuggles! Sigikid's soft and cuddly organic animal blankies made of 100% organic cotton are ideal for baby's first attempts at grabbing things. They are velvety soft for snuggling and offers comfort when baby needs it. In short: They're the perfect companion for baby's first year.

Why babies love it: this little comforter provides comfort when needed. It is ultra soft and colorful. The knotted feet are great for baby hands as they learn how to grasp and hold things. 

Why parents love it:  it is made of organic cotton and filled with lambswool, great for all babies (especially for the ones with sensitive skin). It has a beautiful esthetic (note the hand stitched details and the beautiful stripes). And when it gets dirty from too much love (and it will), it is easy to machine wash. Parents also love the high quality materials and hand sewn features, which will ensure that it will last through years of cuddling without falling apart.

 Size: 11"

 Age: 0-3 Years

 Material: 100%-certified organically cultivated cotton. Wadding: lambswool. 

 Care: Machine wash in cold cycle.

Customer Reviews

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Badger friend

Got the little Badger Lovie and it is so cute! Love that it is filled with wool and has organic cotton so I feel comfortable with it going in baby’s mouth.
When I wiped it down with a damp rag before giving it to baby- I could smell the wool. That is something I am used to and actually kind of like (haha), but good to know maybe for those without wool experience.