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Wool Moisture Barrier/Puddle Pad

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Holy Lamb's moisture barrier is your mattress insurance plan: you’ll want to have one before you need one. They are absolutely essential for little ones’ beds and changing pads.

How can this fabric be a moisture barrier? Good question! It’s the wool, plus the way it is tightly woven and slightly felted that makes it naturally water repellent. It lays flat on top of the mattress and is held in place by the fitted sheet without straps. This is a natural replacement for a vinyl plastic or synthetic mattress cover.

The nap of the surface is water resistant and keeps dampness from getting through. These “Puddle Pads” are an essential item for parents of little ones available in both bassinet and crib sizes (also available in grown up bed sizes for co-sleepers!)

Moisture Barriers work best in tandem with a thin cotton blanket placed on top of the Moisture Barrier and under the fitted sheet. The cotton layer soaks up the moisture quickly while the Moisture Barrier prevents it from absorbing through to the mattress.

Wool Barrier Textile:

A completely natural moisture barrier without any fillers or additives, this woven wool textile is the perfect chemical free solution for mattress & topper protection.

Our Moisture Barriers & Puddle Pads are made with Wool Of The West wool blend. The wool is sourced in the Western Hemisphere of North and South America.

The growers adhere to the same standards as Certified Organic wool and it is third party tested regularly.

  • Made of 100% virgin wool
  • Sourced from North & South America
  • 32 oz. of pure wool in each yard
  • Dimensions:
    • Changing Table 19” x 35”
    • Bassinet 19” x 35”
    • Crib 28” x 52”
    • Twin & Twin XL 40” x 77”
    • Full 56" X 77"
    • Queen 62” x 80”
    • King 78” x 80”
    • CAL King 72”w x 84”l