Natural Silk Washable Breast Pads

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The perfect way to sooth and heal sensitive breasts

Silk's natural healing properties together with soft and breathable cotton, absorb milk and keep your nipples dry. This reduces the risk of mastitis and cracked nipples.

  • Soothing: Silks natural anti-inflammatory properties help sooth, cool & heal sore nipples.
  • Breathable: The breathable leak-proof layer trap moisture for maximum confidence.
  • Comfortable: Cotton wicks moisture away from the skin maximizing dryness and comfort.
  • Absorbent:To prevent leakage these breast pad are designed with 4 thin layers of breathable fabric.
  • Made in Denmark: Carriwell breast pads are manufactured under controlled conditions in Denmark to insure quality of these essential products for nursing mums with sensitive nipples.
  • Reusable: Carriwell breast pads are washable and come with their own wash bag for your convenience.