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Moon Powered Mama

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Sandalwood + Moonstone + Turquoise

From boosting fertility to self acceptance our Moon Mama Mala is so much more than just a gorgeous piece.

Mindfully made up of three sections, all giving you exactly what you need.

Sandalwood: naturally aromatic, its warm soothing scent works to calm both emotions and the mind. Promotes deep meditation and restful sleep with its zen like vibes.

Moonstone: gives us the push we sometimes need in our busy lives to slow down and look inward. Deep connective roots to our own feminine power and those of the lunar cycle, thus boosting fertility and intuition. The perfect protection stone to use through pregnancy, childbirth and beyond Moonstone has got your back!

Turquoise: activates the Throat Chakra helping us to speak our wisdom and truth (aka authentic communication). Maybe the most special of all gemstones, Turquoise brings awareness that every part of us is an element of our Divine Self, to be understood and embraced. Accept your yourself, beautiful faults and all!

This mala is a part of our Mindful Malas For Mothers Collection and is intended only for mama to wear and use. This necklace is NOT a teething accessory. It is meant to support you on your journey through motherhood. Please note all of our jewelry is handmade so there may be variations.