EXCLUSIVE Thirsties Print - Monsoon Sunset!

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Monsoon Sunset!

Jen's first Thirsties exclusive brings a lightning filled crimson sunset sky over the stunning Sonoran Desert complete with ocotillo, mighty saguaros, yellow blooming prickly pears & pink hedgehogs. A sprinkling of unique desert creatures love to come out after the rain including quail, roadrunners, gila monsters, scorpions & bats.

Monsoon Sunset is available in:

  •  Duo Wraps (both closures, all sizes)
  •  Natural Newborn All in Ones (both closures)
  •  Natural One Size All in Ones (both closures)
  •  Stay Dry Natural One Size All in Ones
  •  Natural Pocket Diapers
  •  XL Pocket Diapers
  •  Swim Diapers
  •  Diaper Covers (both closures, all sizes)
  •  Pocket Bibs
  •  Simple Pouches
  •  Clutch Bags
  •  Mini Wet Bags
  •  Deluxe Wet Bags
  •  Wet Dry Bags
  •  Simple Totes
  •  Menstrual Pads

    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Meredith Smith
    Absolutely Gorgeous

    Monsoon Sunset is my favorite print! The little quail, the cacti, the gorgeous colors, all of it combine for a really stunning print. My favorite part of the lineup are the gold zippers on the bag! LOVE.

    Great Cover

    I love Thirsties Duo covers! I use prefolds and these covers fit nicely over them. My baby is 18 pounds, and the size two fit with the rise snapped at the smallest setting. I imagine these will fit well for a long time.

    This pattern is really great. We have a roadrunner that lives on our property, so the little roadrunner in the desert makes me smile.

    Gorgeous print!

    As an Arizona native, Monsoon sunset is the most beautiful print I’ve see! I love the vibrant colors and how it captures the desert perfectly!

    So beautiful!!

    Monsoon Sunset is such a beautiful print. Hands down one of my forever favorites. And I got perfect bum placement!! Couldn’t be happier.

    Absolutely gorgeous print.

    It is flawless. Looks amazing OTB.