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These open-ended stacking and balancing Elves love joy.  Here are some ways to spread cheer with these handcrafted elves!

• See how high you can build! Balance them on their sides, at angles, and upside down. How high can you get?! 
• Incorporate them into creative play. 
• Make someone’s day! Send one in the mail to a friend. Keep one for yourself, and you will still have 7 to share!
• Put them on your desk. Look at them and smile from time to time. Fidget with them when you have writer’s block. Pretend like they’re the people talking on your conference call. 
• Bring them on a trip. Take pictures of them at the top of a mountain, or on the beach, or waiting at the baggage claim. 
• Distract yourself and others from doing thankless chores such as shoveling snow, washing dishes, or folding laundry!

  • Premium Maple Hardwood
  • Non-toxic Water Based Ink
  • 3rd Party Tested For Safety
  • Safe for Ages 2+