About the Little Biting Tree

The Little Biting Tree is your source for organic raw wood teething & nursing jewelry and gemstone Mindful Malas for Mothers: jewelry for every stage of motherhood. 

The Little Biting Tree was created in June 2015 by first time mom and preschool teacher Ilana Scheinker when her son Adin began teething. Like so many moms Ilana immediately bought a silicone teething necklace. The more she read about the materials used in her new necklace the less comfortable she felt encouraging her little one to chew on it. Unable to find a completely all natural and vegan alternative she created her own. And thus The Little Biting Tree was born!

We've been praised by Holistic Parenting Magazine, Well Rounded NY, Natural Mother Magazine, The Food Babe, Vegan Lifestyle Magazine, Mother Mag, Green Living Magazine and Raising Arizona Kids Magazine. Just to name a few...

What makes us so special? By using eco-friendly and sustainably, ethically sourced raw wooden beads threaded with pure organic cotton, we eliminate any concern moms have about chemicals and synthetics (such as latex, BPA, PVC, Phthalates or any other carcinogens) going into their babe's mouth. And we never use dyes, oils or resins on any of our beads. We prefer to go au natural!

We've specially selected woods that naturally contain anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. And added bonus- because of wood's porous nature, bacteria has a harder time penetrating and surviving in it. Unlike plastic or silicone teethers, that wear quickly, the tiny nicks baby's teeth create on the surface make it virtually impossible to clean effectively and safely.