About Spot on Square

In 2007, Spot On Square was founded by husband/wife team, Robert and Nicole Springer. The Springers set out to make furniture for their growing family that met their strict safety and eco-friendly standards without compromising their taste for a modern aesthetic. As an Industrial Designer (Robert) and a former Teacher (Nicole) they found a perfect collaboration which brought together their passions and educations. 

Spot On Square became one of the first to make sustainable, eco-friendly, and innovative materials and processes a priority. With the introduction of the first acrylic to the US market in 2009, Spot On Square proved to be a design leader and continues to push the boundaries to go beyond the expectations of what modern home furnishings can be.  

Spot On Square's mission is simple in that we aim to build the most modern and innovative home furnishings available by using sustainable materials, eco-friendly processes. As a couple with a modern aesthetic and three children of their own, the Springers strive to develop furniture and household goods that compliment a modern family’s lifestyle and can be easily transitioned throughout your home. Above all, Spot On Square ensures every piece meets/exceeds safety standards and is something we as a team would be proud to have in our own home.