About sigikid

sigikid is a family owned company whose roots go way back – in fact, more than 150 years back! sigikid’s German parent company “H. Scharrer & Koch GmbH” was founded in 1856 in Bayreuth/ Bavaria, initially manufacturing glass beads for export. In 1910, Theo Köhler, the great-grandfather of sigikid’s current owner, took over, and slowly introduced toys made out of glass beads to the product line.

When the next generation took over in 1968, the trademark sigikid was born. The name is a combination of the founder’s first name “Sigi” (short for Sigrid) and “kid” – Axel, the first child born into the Gottstein family. True to a traditional family business, Axel runs now the business in Germany, while his sister Eva handles business development in the Americas.

Playfully Different

In today's world, many of our daily interactions are quick-paced and short-lived. We often tend to forget one of the most important human attributes: the ability to play. At sigikid, we put all our focus on playing. Our products are designed to make children happier. To achieve this, we use the most wholesome and important ingredients available: Quality and Love!

sigikid toys are: 

  Innovative without being flashy
  Classic without being conservative
  Prestigious without being exclusive
  Durable without being hard-to-clean
  Soothing without being boring
  Affordable without sacrificing quality

sigikid is creative and playfully different!