About nuna

In 2007 we debuted our first design in Holland—an innovative high chair that brought both baby right up to the table and sleek style to new family’s dwellings. Our creations continued on to uniquely blend gallery-worthy looks with the reality of having kids, and as our line of offerings expanded, so did our expectations for what they should encompass. We began to carefully curate materials to be more mindful and implement testing practices to be the toughest in the industry, never settling for what is merely required and always going above and beyond. Throughout all, staying true to our Dutch designers’ value of less is best allowed Nuna to grow into a complete collection of elite baby gear, sought after by parents with impeccable taste whom aspire to live their new life with baby the way we feel it should be—smart, safe, simple and beautiful.

Nuna is a company built on a single promise: that baby products should take some of the work out of being new parents, so people can actually enjoy being new parents. 

As a company with Dutch roots, we see things differently, and have designed a unique line with a humble combination of beauty, craftsmanship and the belief that less is always more. That is why we engineer all the unnecessary parts out of our gear and sculpt them down to the sleekest, smartest versions of themselves.

The more we take out of our products, the more you get out of them.

mindful manufacturing

throughout the entire process from each product’s material content and ingredients to their eco-friendly production equipment and processes

better for baby

striving to eliminate the use of toxins while complying with standards at the same time

high standards

complying with the most current US federal and European chemical safety standards and testing all of our gear at independent, accredited labs on a regular basis to ensure compliance is maintained

reducing & reusing

our ISO 14001 certified factory keeps current with new eco-friendly equipment and processes including:

  • solar powered energy
  • exhaust treatment water
  • recycle program
  • plastic waste and packaging recycle program

superior materials

our gear’s content is carefully curated so that only the best touches baby, such as:

  • organic inserts: our LEAF™ series inserts’ are global organic textile standard (GOTS) certified
  • Oeko-Tex® fabric: our LEAF series fabrics’ are Oeko-Tex certified
  • Nuna fabric, fiber fill and foam all abide by European REACH and EN71 standards as well as CPSIA in the USA
  • plastics & metals: hard goods also comply with European REACH and EN71 standards as well as CPSIA in the US