About Coyuchi

Coyuchi is a home textile company with the 
greater good in mind.

We're committed to making thoughtfully designed, quality goods with processes that are both friendly to people and the planet.

For Us, Cotton Feels Like Cotton

Linen feels like Linen. And Wool feels like Wool. Mother Nature got it right which is why we respect the fiber and keep it as pure and minimally processed as possible without sacrificing comfort or design.

Highest Standards Possible

Whether sourcing the highest quality organic materials, or piloting Coyuchi for life, we have an uncompromising commitment to minimally processed fibers and adhere to strict manufacturing processes such as GOTS and Fair Trade USA standards.

Much More Than Organic.

Although we began with organic textiles, we are rigorously committed to doing our homework every day, learning and living by the newest standards and most responsible processes, including a zero waste water recycling method engineered by one of our most innovative partners.

People + Planet + Process

Slow + steady isn't always the most cost effective way to produce goods, but it is the only way to ensure we deliver the possible results for our customers and families. Our distinctly human commitment, and those of our partners, helps us mindfully create designs that are at once understated and extraordinary.

Committed To People + Planet

We’re pleased to partner with fabric mills and workshops that share our reverence for environmental and social sustainability, and we appreciate the effort and ingenuity they put into minimizing the impact that textile production has on the planet and their own workers. We team up with companies that meet our high standards and work with them to continually improve our practices and their practices. From an environmental standpoint, Coyuchi looks at the full life of a product—from the farm where the fiber is produced to what happens to the product when it reaches the end of its life. The two areas where we can have the biggest impact are on the farm or ranch where the fiber is produced, and how the end product is produced. To address these, we use only organic cotton and other natural fibers, and we actively work with industry partners to ensure environmental performance at our production facilities.

Every Drop Matters

Our partner’s commitment to water conservation: One of our factories in southern India, which makes many of our most popular duvet covers and table linens, has created one of the few “zero discharge” textile-processing units in the country. This facility recycles 100% of the water generated by the dying process, using limestone to filter out the residual pigment—a process called reverse osmosis—and diverting the sediment to solar beds, where it is dried. Then the result is used as a raw material to make cement down the road. Not one liter of wastewater leaves the plant, and all the well water that comes in is carefully monitored by electric flow meters. All in all, the factory recycles and uses 90% of the wastewater in the form of fresh water and salt solution (approximately 1% is lost to natural evaporation and 1% is mechanically evaporated). Beyond water conservation and recycling, the factory also actively works to decrease its energy consumption each year and to increase the percentage of products it creates using organic and recycled fibers. You can read more about the project and see photos on our blog.

Inspired By Coastal Lands

The natural palette, tactile softness and raw beauty of all coastal lands inspire our design process allowing us to bring home the restorative feeling one gets where water meets the land, no matter where they are in the world.