Thirsties Wet Dry Bag

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Features and Benefits

  • Waterproof TPU interior prevents leaking and wicking
  • Mesh outer pocket keeps things dry
  • Bag measures 13.5”W X 15”H
  • Zipper closures keeps all your things in
  • Protect the environment - Bags are suitable for all ages and eliminate the need to use disposable plastic bags
  • Cute, color-coordinated strap can be used to hang bag


Reusable bags are not only economical and Earth-friendly, but now they’re fashionable, too. Introducing Thirsties’ Wet Dry Bag! Do you have wet stuff and dry stuff and have no idea what to put it all in? Grab a Thirsties Wet Dry Bag! From soiled diapers to swimwear to wet towels, the waterproof TPU interior of Thirsties’ Wet Dry Bag will keep them from leaking or wicking. Throw your keys, wallet, hair ties, sunscreen, or anything you want to keep dry in the zippered mesh outer pocket. With Thirsties’ fun, signature prints, your stuff, wet or dry, will never look better!


Fabric content:

100% polyester with waterproof urethane coating

Care Instructions:

Pre-wash warm, wash hot, rinse warm

Hang to dry or tumble dry low

Customer Reviews

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Keri Kent
Wet dry bag

We haven't used it yet, but I'm excited in anticipation. It's a good size and the extra outside pocket will undoubtedly come in handy

Kaylie K
Thank you Jen!

Got an awesome old print on sale!


Thirsties Wet Dry Bag

Emma Ishmael
Easy to grab diaper bag!

The Thirsties wet/dry is perfect for small outings. The mesh pouch easily fits a diaper or two, some wipes, and a spare outfit. (It also fits nicely in a Thirsties simple tote bag, which I use as my purse).
It's bright and easy for the whole family to identify when it needs to be found.
Also great for swim suits or for storing potty training back unders and pants and transporting the soiled clothes.
Great as a gift for non -cloth parents as well, for blowouts and a spare outfit.

Darcie Sheppard
Such a pretty color

So pretty with the green mesh and so durable!