Blueberry One Size Capri Diaper Cover

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Blueberry's Capri™ diaper covers are easy to use, reusable and waterproof with true leg gussets and adjustable snaps that allow them to grow with your baby. The covers feature "stay-put" flaps that insure your insert stays in place -- and more importantly reduces blow-outs!

Pair the Blueberry Capri™ covers with any absorbent inserts for a complete diapering solution.

Fabric content: 100% polyester. Made in the USA

Hand/Machine wash warm (140F/60C). Tumble dry warm (140F/60C) or hang dry.  Do not use bleach or put through a sanitize cycle. This will cause the waterproof lining to de-laminate. Do not use fabric softeners or any other laundry additives.

Weight Range: ONE SIZE: 12-35 lbs

Thighs: ONE SIZE: 6-13.5 inches

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Chris HB
Excellent Service

We got our correct order (plus a couple of surprise gifts) very quickly! I initially chose to buy from here b/c there was such a large variety of prints that I couldn’t find elsewhere. I was very impressed with how quickly the order was fulfilled.

Great Covers

These covers are great. I like to use boosted flats & fitteds at night and these are awesome.
Works great with my baby's chubby legs, no angry marks.

Largest variety of prints I could find & I love that I didn't have to wait forever & a day to get it.

Jsameen Johnson
Great cover!

Pros : double gussets, size and shape, cute prints, soft and quality pul, fits a any type of insert

Cons : inner flaps

Overall I love this diaper cover! I’ve tried it with all different types of inserts: flats, prefolds, fitteds, tongue style inserts, doublers, you name it, this cover works well with it. I use it for day time and nights with zero leaks. It’s super easy and fast to put on, no fuss! I really like the size and fit on my baby; it does run a little large so I think the newborn size is necessary. My only con is the inner flaps. Poop gets on it more often than not and the material doesn’t feel very comfortable (it leaves some red marks). It would be better to not have it or only have it in the front.

Nonetheless I love this cover and have many of them. Also I love buying from Jen’s because of the prints that are offered and the great service!

Lindsey Schultz
If you’re researching covers, this is the BEST choice out there, hands down.

Blueberry has been my go-to brand since 2016. The majority of my "stash" is the All-in-One Simplex diapers. And I love them, but they are not suitable for my heavy wetter at NIGHT.

I tried the wool covers and the Sustainable Babyish OBFs combo, but I didn't like how the OBFs took a ton of rinses to get all the urine out and the wool was more thing I didn't need on my plate. Don't get me wrong, wool is awesome, natural, fun, and truly easy to maintain and prep, but I just couldn't keep up with it.

I digress.

These covers are amazing. I've tried multiple brands and this is the ONLY brand that actually keeps in the blowouts, contains completely saturated inserts, and doesn't leave marks on the legs.

For night time, we have Green Mountain Diapers (GMD) muslin flats. We use two of these flats and add a hemp layer (booster). We finish the whole thing up with this cover's failsafe. I trust that our bedding and clothing will be dry the next morning.

The prints are super cute. I love how the tabs have a bit of spandex so there's some stretch when you're buttoning them on.

If you're on the fence about which cover to get, order one of these and try it out for yourself. They are the perfect combination of everything you'd want in a diaper cover. :)

Also, this retailer is a dream to work with and shipped super fast! I loved supporting this business and will definitely be ordering from her again. Thank you!!!